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Genre: Comedy
Station/channel: Hulu

Casual - the heroes of the series are siblings: Alex and Valerie. Alex, in the role of Tommy Dewey, is a very smart, cynical guy who spends his time mainly on dating with innumerable women. He leads a easy-going lifestyle by earning a considerable amount of money for a brilliant dating application. The hero also uses the services of the application. There are many features describing the nature of the dream relationship. It is of course possible to point out that you are looking for a future husband and wife, but also a partner for one night, for a casual relationship (hence the title of the series). His sister, Valerie (Michaela Watkins) is the exact opposite. This is a stable psychologist, a committed teenage mother and, until recently, a happy wife. Valerie is currently in the process of finalizing the divorce and after many years resides with his younger brother at his home. Siblings give advice and support.

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  • 2003-05-21 S01E00 Pilot
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