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Przygody Frya w kosmosie

Przygody Frya w kosmosie

Genre: Comedy
Station/channel: ComedyCentral

Futurama is an American series created by Matt Groening, the author of the Simpsons series. The Futurama series begins with the scene where the pizza delivery company from New York, Philip J. Fry accidentally, as it seems at the beginning, was frozen in a cryogenic chamber on December 31, 1999. The hero was unfrozen exactly 1,000 years later - on December 31, 2999 - and found himself in the city of New York, which was created on the ruins of New York. After him were ruins in the underground. Fry, trying to avoid forced labor as a courier and implanting a career chip, meets her future colleague Turanga Leela, which ends with a courier post in a small company of his great-great-great-nephew Hubert Farnsworth Planet Express, dealing with intergalactic transport of goods. The series tells the adventures of Frya, Leela, Bender's robot and other characters, associated with both spaceflight and the main characters. The plot contains a lot of references to the fantasy of the twentieth century, to literature and to the cinema.

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  • 1991-08-21 S01E00 Pilot
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