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Stranger Things (2016)

A horror-themed series, with elements of science fiction about strange events in Indiana. On the night of November 6, 1983, twelve year old Will Byers disappears under mysterious circumstances. His mother wants to find her son at all costs and the investigation begins. The friends of Will are also trying to look for him. There is a mysterious girl among them, one with supernatural power, who may know something about where the boy is. Apart from the fact that the main enemy seems to be the government agency, it turns out that the real enemy is the supernatural force that could control the world. Winona Ryder and David Harbor are the main characters. Stranger Things is a series for people who love to be scared and enjoy the atmosphere of the eighties.

Stranger Things season 1 & 2

Stranger Things online

The Walking Dead

For the fans of this series, it will not be a surprise that on Monday (February, 25th) the premiere of the 9 episode of 8 The Walking Dead season took place!

Stanger Things

Despite the fact that the plot of the season 3 of the popular Stranger Things series is shrouded in mystery, we know that there will be three new characters in it. One of them is to be the mayor of the city, a classic politician focused on pursuing his own interests. The second new character is to be a reporter who has been morally compromised and is an eternally nervous man. The last new person is to become an older neighbor, with whom the children will often talk.


For the cast of Supergirl in the third season will join Angela Zhou, who will play the role of a lady surgeon.

The Witcher series

The screenplay for The Witcher, a series that will be implemented by Netflix, is ready.

New HBO series

Hbo will release the new series "Barry" in March, which is to be saturated with black humor. The protagonist of the series is a professional murderer, whose life leads him to an acting school, where he falls in love with a new profession.

Another King's screening

The Stephen King's Church of bones will became a tv series. Interestingly, this is not a novel or a story, but a poem. The theme of the poem is a trip to the jungle, the purpose of which is to find the legendary church of bones. The rights to the series belongs to Cedar Park Entertainment.
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