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Did you know that February, 17th is The National Cat's Day? On this occasion, we have prepared an article for you about the most known and liked cats on TV!

Salem from the Sabrina Teenage Witch

salem sabrina cat

Salem Saberhagen is a 500-year-old witch who was condemned by the Witches' Council for 100 years of being a cat, for trying to take over the world. Despite the megalomaniac desires of world domination, she is generally portrayed as having a good heart, a loyal friend of Sabrina, who gives her tips about life and magic.

Lucky from the Alf

lucky star trek cat

Lucky is the favorite of the Tanner family in the ALF television series. After the arrival of Alph to the Tanners family, the existence of Lucky becomes a bit precarious because cats are a culinary treat at Melmac. Lucky dies in the fourth season, and the Tanners family gets a new cat and call him Lucky II.

Isis from the Star Trek series: The original series

isis star trek cat

Isis was a shape-shifting cat who was able to take on human form. In both forms she wore the same collar around her neck. She accompanied Gary Seven, wherever he went, and watched him.

Miss Kitty Fantastico from the Buffy, the vampire slayer

buffy the vampire slayer cat

Miss Kitty Fantastico is Willow's Rosenberg and Tara's Maclay cat. She was a black and gray cat with white hind legs, a white beard to chest belt, and a small patch of white fur around her nose.

Mr Puss from the Glee

mr puss glee

Mr. Puss is a cat who appears in Dynamic Duets, the seventh episode of the fourth season. Little is known about the cat; however, it is probably owned by Hunter Clarington or the entire Dalton Academy.

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