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True Blood

True Blood

Genre: Adventure , Horror , Sci-Fi
Station/channel: HBO

A series about the coexistence of vampires and people in the village of Bon Temps (a fictional town) in the state of Louisiana. The main character is Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who is a waitress with telepathic abilities. Sookie falls in love with vampire Billu Comptonie (Stephen Moyer). The action of the series begins after the invention of synthetic blood by the Japanese company, which contributed to the "disclosure" of vampires. Having a food substitute, they decide to co-exist with people in the room;) The sides of both species are supporters and opponents of this coexistence. The matter is further complicated by the vampires' long-standing blood-lust, and the fact that the blood of vampires has a special effect on people - heals their wounds and sharpens their senses, but at the same time strongly addictive.

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  • 2001-01-28 S01E00 Pilot
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