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What we know about "Stranger Things" season 3?

Stranger Things (2016)

A horror-themed series, with elements of science fiction about strange events in Indiana. On the night of November 6, 1983, twelve year old Will Byers disappears under mysterious circumstances. His mother wants to find her son at all costs and the investigation begins. The friends of Will are also trying to look for him. There is a mysterious girl among them, one with supernatural power, who may know something about where the boy is. Apart from the fact that the main enemy seems to be the government agency, it turns out that the real enemy is the supernatural force that could control the world. Winona Ryder and David Harbor are the main characters. Stranger Things is a series for people who love to be scared and enjoy the atmosphere of the eighties.

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It has been known for a long time that one of the biggest hits of Netflix "Stranger Things" - a story about a group of children struggling with supernatural phenomena, set in the 80s of the last century - has been extended for the next third season. Below we collect all the news about the next season.

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1. Release date

Shooting are to start in mid-April 2018, so fans are most likely to expect the release of the third season not sooner than 2019.

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2. What will the story be about?

Unfortunately, there is no irrefutable, even the smallest information on this topic. We can be sure, however, that there will be plenty of fan favorites from previous seasons and next crazy supernatural phenomena.

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3. How many episodes?

Fans will get 8 episodes next season - the same as in season 1 and one episode less than in season 2.

For more detailed information and reports from the set we still have to wait until April, but you can certainly expect at least as good level as of previous seasons and maybe even higher.

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