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5 Intriguing TV Shows

Legion (2017)

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On April 4, the world premiere of the second season the series "Legion" was broadcast by the American station FOX. This production based on the Marvel universe of X-men is gaining more and more fans, and not because it accurately reproduces the comic world. On the contrary - an unconventional way of narrative, oneiric representations of the characters, framed by fantastically composed cadres - all this causes that fans - accustomed to the beaten convection, according to which numerous comic screenings are created - literally are revealing a new, unexplored world of television.

On the occasion of the premiere of such an innovative production, very fresh in its form, we looked at selected 5 series, which also delight with remarkable photos and the use of metaphorical narrative solutions.

Carnivale (2003-2005)

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The action takes place in the 1930s and tells the story of a traveling circus, which is joined by a mysterious young boy Ben, endowed with supernatural powers. The concept of circus from the beginning of the century is itself quite an enigmatic and extremely grateful aesthetically idea. Adding figures with supernatural powers, which in the end become entangled in a bigger conflict between good and evil? It has to work out! The series is rich in all kinds of visions, prophecies, dreams and individual experiences straight from horror. A lot of metaphors that interweave the adventures of characters. "Carnivale" is certainly a worth knowing position for all fans of vintage aesthetics and elements of fantasy and horror.

Tabu (2017-)

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A famous rowdy and former soldier, James Delaney, returns after 10 years of absence to attend his father's funeral. His return brings considerable confusion among the English community, and his past full of secrets quickly makes itself felt. The whole series is quite dark, and the world is dirty, cold and very unfriendly. A great job of the operator makes us almost able to feel the musty air of narrow London streets and the stench of individual shrines of dubious reputation, while sitting at home in front of the TV or computer. Due to the intriguing origins of the main character, we often experience with him his memories, feelings, visions (of future?); all of these full of water symbolism and tribal culture. The viewer does not see in "Taboo" clear division into white and black figures. Everyone is gray, as the gray avenues are full of mud, which they sneak between. "Taboo", is certainly a proposition for fans of costume production, with no small elements of occultism.

The OA (2016-)

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Lost for seven years, the girl returns to her hometown completely changed, and having a mission that will change the lives of unsuspecting residents forever. The feature concepts in "The OA" are based very much on the elements of mysticism. The shots are in most cases focused on the detail, the productions are rich with long sequences, full of colors and symbols, which add the mystery to the main character. In "The OA" the secrets is pursued by another secrets in which only the main character seems to be able to move among without difficulty.

Sense8 (2015-2018)

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8 people born from different corners of the world, who are connected by their date of birth, make a lasting, telepathic bond that is both a curse and a blessing. Sense8 is a revolutionary production primarily due to the cultural and moral issues it represents. However, the approach to mutual relations between the eight main characters is also revolutionary. Sequences of telepathic ties both between individual cluster members and group scenes are extremely interestingly implemented, and at the same time are very logical and consistent with the current action. There are symbolic sequences here, but they are more "mundane". However, who knows what we have been deprived of, due to canceling Sense8 before its natural ending.

Hannibal (2013-2015)

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TV version of Hannibal is of course interpretation of the famous cannibal created by Thomas Harris. However, the focus here was on Hannibal's relationship with FBI agent Will Graham, who in the original material was the one who captured him. "Hannibal" is not a production that faithfully reproduces the original threads. Also not quite the plot is crucial, and certainly not 100% realistic. But that does not interfere with the reception, because from the first episode, from the first Graham's "vision" is known with what type of production we are dealing with and this is by no means an ordinary American series of "procedurals". The most work and heart were put in the visual side of the show, which is shown in each frame - all the shots are perfectly composed, in the right colors. Nothing happens here without reason. Practically every main and side characters experience a kind of metaphysical experience here, which is always accompanied by appropriate shots. Even for experts of the Harris' work, events in "Hannibal" can be surprising, considering how much the character Hannibal Lecter and his crimes were exploited in pop culture, the creators of the show were quite challenged to create something fresh, but it seems that the approach in which the main emphasis is placed on the visual side and deep analysis of the inner world of each main character was the right solution.