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8 Season "American Horror Story" - official photos

American Horror Story: Kult (2017)

Ally and Ivy are a married couple who have a son named Oz. Ally suffers from several phobias which intensify after learning that Donald Trump has won the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Her psychologist, Dr. Rudy Vincent, recommends a medicine to calm her phobia-induced anxiety. Clowns soon start to stalk Ally. Meanwhile, Kai and Winter are two siblings who make a mysterious pact after Trump becomes president. Winter becomes Oz's nanny and attempts to desensitize him to violence. Kai entices a group of Hispanic men to beat him up. Ally and Ivy's neighbors, the Changs, are slaughtered by a group of clowns. The police erroneously rule the incident as a murder-suicide. American Horror Story: Kult  online

The eighth season of "American Horror Story" series premiered in us yesterday. for those who are before first episode, official cast photos available online. Below a few them:

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The title of the new season is "Apocalypse". It is supposed to include crossover episodes with the previous seasons - "Sabat" and "Murder House". The cast includes: Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Lily Rabe, Emma Roberts and Taisa Farmiga.

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Dzięki temu wy możecie dzielić się linkami jak dotąd i korzystać ze wszystkich funkcjonalności naszego serwisu, a my możemy utrzymać istnienie portalu.