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American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story

American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story

Genre: Docudrama
Station/channel: Amazon Video

American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story - in the title role of Hugh Hefner played by Matt Whelan. The series deals with the charismatic founder of the Playboy magazine, whose first star on the cover was the legendary actress Hollywood Marlin Monroe. The series is a combination of interviews and private notes of the star. The materials must include a huge private collection of cinema productions that show six decades of personal and professional life while building the Playboy empire. In addition to working on the iconic magazine, Hugh Hefner stood behind the key social and cultural movements of our time. He fought for freedom of speech, civil rights and sexual freedom.

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season 1

  • 2017-04-07 S01E10 My Way
  • 2017-04-07 S01E09 Down the Rabbit Hole: The Dorothy Stratten Murder
  • 2017-04-07 S01E08 Sex, Drugs and DEA Investigations
  • 2017-04-07 S01E07 Below the Belt: Playboy and the Public Wars
  • 2017-04-07 S01E06 Rebel with a Cause: Civil Liberties and Government Crackdowns
  • 2017-04-07 S01E05 The Playboy Interview
  • 2017-04-07 S01E04 Members Only: The Playboy Club
  • 2017-04-07 S01E03 Becoming Mr. Playboy
  • 2017-04-07 S01E02 Birth of the Centerfold: The Girl Next Door
  • 2017-04-07 S01E01 Before the Bunny: Marilyn Monroe
  • 1998-06-13 S01E00 Pilot