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This site was created for the true fans of TV series. It’s not that you have only to watch tv shows for free, but you can also learn more after reading articles about them. If you want to know the main characters, find out about all the conspiracy theories circulating on the Internet about the show or get to know the story twists you did not realize, this is the place for you! Series is not just all about watching, the fun begins only when we start talking about them and wondering what will happen next, how the hero's fate will roll, whether this episode makes sense and of course when the next season will begin :)! All of these and even more information can be found right now and right here. In our team we have the biggest fans of many shows, so we are happy to provide you with reviews, opinions and information. It doesn’t matter what kind of shows you prefer, because we have everything, from romance to crime, from sitcoms to sci-fi :). Series online - watch and read about the, so you can become a knowledge authority of tv series for your friends :)!