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Bandersnatch - who make the rules? [SPOILERS]

Czarne lustro (2011)

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The new long-awaited season of "Black Mirror" began unusually. "Bandersnatch" is the first full-length format in the history of the show. What's more, we are dealing with an interactive film, during which the viewer at times plays the role of director and is able to choose his own version of the story presented in the episode - in other words: he directs the plot of the film. The idea is not completely new - such type of productions have already been made (in which the hero's fate is given away to the viewer), but the creators add to this element, so well-known from the "Black Mirror" - an unsettling atmosphere.

The plot surprises not so much with the way of narrating as with the tangle of whether or not we actually make influence on the decisions made by the main character. Interactivity of production consists in the fact, that from time to time on the screen appear action forks, during which viewers choose one of the options for the plot. So the viewer has an impact on the action. Well, is it for sure? Maybe it's just an illusion of free choice?

The main motive around which the action of the film takes place is a computer game designed by the main character - the titled "Bandersnatch". The action is set in 1984 - crazy 80's, so there is no shortage of lightly psychodelic moments. Stefan, a 19-year-old computer scientist (Fionn Whitehead) dreams of creating a computer game based on the adventure novel he read in childhood. Over time, during the creation of the game, the boundary between imagination and reality becomes more and more blurred. The main character begins to believe that he has no control over his own decisions, that someone from the outside, directs his moves.

The episode is available on the Netflix from December 28, 2018.