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Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Genre: Drama , Horror , Sci-Fi , Grindhouse
Station/channel: The CW

Blood Drive - is an American series, which is considered to be a car cinema, a low-budget cinema class "B". The series takes place in 1999 in post-apocalyptic America. The world is in chaos, natural sources are running out, and everything seems to be under the control of one corporation. The police are trying to look after the privatized police, and circumstances favor typical degenerates. The main characters were former police officer Arthur Bailey and his partner Grace D'Argento. The woman has a dangerous character. An explosive couple takes part in the race. The rules are simple: the participants have a certain episode to cover every day, the last one unfortunately says goodbye to competition and life. The mortal race owes its name to the fact that driven cars are not petrol, but human blood, hence the title "blood drive”.

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season 1

  • 1993-11-24 S01E00 Pilot