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Channel Zero

Channel Zero

Genre: Horror
Station/channel: Syfy

Channel Zero - American series, anthology produced by Universal Cable Productions, whose creator is Nick Antosca. Each season is a separate part. Individual series are not connected by characters or a plot. The first season of Candle Cove- Mike Painter is a child psychologist who returns to his hometown to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his twin brother and many other children in 1988. Mike discovers that all these events are closely related to the mysterious television program. In the second season, the main character is Margot Sleator. Margot visits a horror house whose rooms are exceptionally terrible and mysterious. After returning home, the heroine notices that everything has changed. The third season action takes place in a small town. The main character, Alice, moves to a small town where people are mysteriously killed. There is a rumor that it is related to strange stairs. Alice and her sister discover that something is hunting people.

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  • 1994-03-27 S01E00 Pilot