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Chilling adventures of Sabrina – spoiler-free mini review

What’s going on with Sabrina? She’s half-witch half-mortal and her duality is perfectly represented on screen. Sometimes chilly and sometimes cheerful. Being torn between world ruled by the dark lord Satan and everyday life of a teenage girl is what makes the show unique and undoubtedly addictive.

Living with Satan praising 2 aunties and a cousin in remote mansion at the edge of the woods, Sabrina was brought up surrounded with black magic, but unlike her peers she is not home schooled and attends normal high school for mortals. That’s where she got to know her best friends and boyfriend with whom she shares her mortal life. Problem appears when Sabrina turns 16 and she must choose which path she wants to choose – there’s no compromise. If she signs the book of the beast her soul will be sold, if she chooses her friends she won’t be able to do magic anymore.

Actors do great job, characters they portray are natural and legitable. Kiernan Shipka ,who plays Sabrina Spellman is both cute and menacing at the same time! Miranda Otto and Lucy Davis, make a dynamic duo on screen, doing the classic good cop- bad cop which makes up for great comic relief scenes.

Nothing on the screen is rushed nor drags making audience want to check on the notifications on their smartphone. Kudos to writers for not implementing any annoying major cliff hangers. This makes the show easier to watch and to immerse into.

Chilling adventures of Sabrina are definitely worth binge watching, especially when Halloween is around the corner and nothing is fits this time of the month better than good ‘ol demons and witches.