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Dimension 404

Dimension 404

Genre: Sci-Fi
Station/channel: The CW

The serial presents of the dark realities of the Internet and its dangers. Mark Hamill played the role of the narrator. The first episode deals with what to do. The second episode is a bit different from the subject of the virtual world, but it presents a story about aliens attacking the Earth. The third episode of experience over time, in a slightly crooked mirror. The fourth part of the series presents the dark game POLYBIUS of unknown origin, through which children begin to die. The fifth episode presents a modern computer that is most likely created from brains. The computer suffers from depression due to the inability to find a terrorist who is likely to make an attack on Christmas Day. The sixth episode shows the protagonist's struggle with a major revision of $ 10,000 in the Impuls game.

season 1

  • 2011-09-24 S01E00 Pilot