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"Harlots" got season 3

Fans of the costume show "Harlots", which is available on the Hulu, no longer have to wait, fearing the worst. Yesterday, the continuation of this production was officially confirmed. The third season, is known to have a premiere next year and will consist of 8 episodes. For sure we will see the main character - Margaret Wells, but due to the commitment of the actress who plays her, Samantha Morton, in relation to "The Walking Dead", it is not certain whether she will appear as regularly as before, or if she will appear only sporadically. The final of the second season leaves many possibilities.

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"Harlots" is a British production, which is a loose adaptation of the novel "The Covent Garden Ladies" by Hallie Rubenhold. The plot focuses on Margaret Welles, who runs the public house, her family, her friends and, naturally, her enemies. Everything in the stuffy world of sex business in eighteenth-century London. Alison Newman and Moira Buffini are responsible for the direction and screenplay.