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'House of Cards' season 6 soon!

House of Cards (2013)

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'House Of Cards' is one of the most popular TV series of the last decade. With 53 nominations and 7 wins, prestigious Emmy awards, it is also one of the more expensive productions. The budget for one season is estimated at 100 million dollars.

Due to strong accusations in relation to the main star of the series - Kevin Spacey, the future of the series after the final episode of season 5 was very uncertain. The creators did not anticipate the continuation of production without the figure of Frank Underwood, and after the appearance of Netflix's scandal and investigation, the platform decided to terminate the collaboration with the actor.

'House Of Cards' season 6 - soon!

An important piece of information revealed in one of the last interviews the main actress 'House of Cards' - Robin Wright. The sixth and the last season, however, is to be created! He explains that the atmosphere between colleagues was tense and turbulent. The scandal around Spacey caused a big shock among fans. People said that the show should not be continued. Continuation could mean indirectly showing support for the actor. The actress understands their indignation, but believes that the creators and cast can not disappoint the people who are waiting for this season. The deletion of production would also mean the end of work for 2,500 people.

Due to the termination of the contract with the main actor, the weight of production is to be transferred to Robin Wright. In the trailer of the show, we see that actress Claire Underwood will act as president. A few new faces will appear in the cast. One of them is Diane Lane - known from the films "Man of Steel" or "Batman V". The second actor is Greg Kinnear.

'House Of Cards' season 6premiere

Probably the premiere of the first episode of season 6 is expected on November 6, 2018 on the Netflix platform.

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