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Loki in TV series?


Recently, there have been rumors that one of the most characteristic heroes of Marvel's production, Loki, will become the protagonist of TV series. Just like in the MCU movies, we will see Tom Hiddleston in this role. The upcoming series belongs to Loki - he will be the main character.

Previous rumors have suggested that Loki, Winter Soldier, Falcon or Scarlet Witch have their chances of appearing in their own TV series. Fansof the younger Son of Odin will surely be delighted to finally see him in TV. 

It is not known yet what the Loki TV series will be about. Official sources do not inform us whether we will have the opportunity to see Thor. At the moment, we know only a handful of information about the upcoming show. There will be six episodes produced by Marvel Studios awaiting for. This information is important due to the fact that the majority of Marvel series productions (including "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones" were produced by Marvel Television.

When will the premiere of the series about Lokim take place?

The TV series is expected to have it's premiere in 2019. Due to the large production budget and, probably, its momentum, we expect the show rather late in 2019. The series will be available on the Disney + platform, which starts next year.

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