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New Netflix series - The Spy

Do you remember the famous Borat? The performer of his role, Sacha Baron Cohen, will play the main role in the new mini series produced by Netflix. The series, which consists of six episodes, will talk about Eli Cohen, one of the most effective agents of the Mossad, who at last was executed for espionage.

The series tells a remarkable, fact-based story, when Eli Cohen infiltrated the Syrian government in the 1960s. Cohen managed to immerse himself in Syrian society, get into politics and penetrate the highest Syrian authorities, both civilian and military. He managed to give the Mossad extremely valuable information, after which he was caught by the Syrians and ultimately sentenced to death. Both his actions, connections and death - Eli was tortured, and then public executions carried out on the square in Damascus - had a significant impact on the relationship between both countries, as well as the current situation in the Middle East in general. If you do not know much about this story, be sure to watch “The Spy”!

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However, this is not the only reason why you should watch the series. Adored by viewers around the world, Sacha Baron returns after a long break to television screens. Currently, he participates in the "Hilarity for Charity" program, created by Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen, which appeared on the Netflix on April 6 this year. The Spy will be his first regular role on television since he created and played in the "Da Ali G Show" for Channel 4 over 10 years ago. The series is a co-production between Canal+ and Netflix.