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Genre: Comedy
Station/channel: TV Land

Trying to make it in Hollywood can be tough for struggling actors and comedians. One way for them to increase their level of fame is to try to call in favors from more-famous friends. That's the scenario facing Hugh, Larry and Rachel, performers who are struggling to climb the Hollywood ladder and soar to loftier heights in the industry. So they're going with the "ask a friend" route and are desperate to land one of their famous buddies for a film script they have developed that they hope can help them rise to fame.

season 2

  • 2018-05-31 S02E12 Meeting Steven Spielberg
  • 2018-05-31 S02E11 Getting a Sign
  • 2018-05-24 S02E10 Alone Star State
  • 2018-05-17 S02E09 Rob in the Hood
  • 2018-05-10 S02E08 Tape Night
  • 2018-04-26 S02E06 Kristen's Wiig
  • 2018-04-19 S02E05 Double Fault
  • 2018-04-12 S02E04 Driven Insane
  • 2018-04-05 S02E03 Page One Rewrite
  • 2018-03-29 S02E02 Swimmin Pools, TV Stars
  • 2018-03-29 S02E01 Open Dorf Policy

season 1

  • 2017-06-21 S01E12 Bring Out The Champagne
  • 2017-06-14 S01E11 Paul's Muse
  • 2017-05-31 S01E10 The Pledge
  • 2017-05-24 S01E09 Devil In A Red Dress
  • 2017-05-17 S01E08 The Gilded Cage
  • 2017-05-10 S01E07 Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands
  • 2017-05-03 S01E06 Too Much of a Good Thing
  • 2017-04-26 S01E05 Not the Emmys
  • 2017-04-15 S01E04 Call My Agent
  • 2017-04-12 S01E03 Seeing Someone
  • 2017-04-05 S01E02 The Rat, The Cheese and The Trap
  • 2017-03-29 S01E01 Mr. First Lady
  • 1999-08-04 S01E00 Pilot