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Ozark - what's next?

Ozark (2017)

Ozark online

Ozark is undoubtedly one of the newest Netflix gems. This is an engaging crime series in which we meet financial advisor Marty living in Chicago with his wife Wendy and two children - 15-year-old Charlotte and 13-year-old Jonah, who runs a financial office with a friend.

Seemingly, they seem to be a simple, boring, American family belonging to the middle class, whose life passes in relative calmness and even monotony. The case becomes more complicated when their client - the head of one of the Mexican drug gangs, for whom the main character is washing money - ceases to trust his subordinates. The Marty family is forced to move to the provincial town of Ozark to start a business there and pay back the debt of trust towards the cartel.

Residents of the town, from the episode to the episode reveal to us their more or less dark secrets, which largely affect the course of events. Creating a place to launder dirty money

in this town becomes much harder than it might seem at first. This results in an endless tangle of muddy agreements and dirty interests that lead to more and more unforeseen events.

Will there be a 3 season of Ozark?

It seems that a dense web of dependencies that do not fully solve this entire storyline puzzle has been unresolved to prepare a place for the next series. The ambiguous ending of the second series allows us to suppose that in the near future we will see continuation in the form of the third season.