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The Chi

The Chi

Genre: Drama
Station/channel: Showtime

The Chi is a series about fate of a group of friends from the neighborhood, the South Side neighborhoods situated in Chicago. This district carries many dangers and many difficult decisions to solve. Young-adult heroes are trying to face the challenges facing them. Kevin (Hibbert) is a child who has to go through the broken illusions of the past and find himself in a proper childhood. Brandon (Mitchell), a kind of dreamer, makes an almost impossible jump of faith, which translates into the life and love of the hero to Jerrika's girlfriend (Boone). Emmett (Latimore) is a carefree teenager pushed into a complex responsibility with guidelines from her own mother - Jady (Ross). Ronnie (Mwine) is a driftter who struggles with the concept of love questioning his next race.

season 2

season 1

  • 1995-10-08 S01E00 Pilot