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The Walking Dead s08e05 – Review [SPOILERS]

The Walking Dead (2010)

The Walking Dead series is the story of people trying to survive in a ruthless post-apocalyptic world plagued by zombie. A group of survivors led by former police officer, Rick Grimes, is constantly looking for a safe heaven that will give them hope for a better future. The Walking Dead series is currently 8 seasons - currently season 8 is coming.

The Walking Dead season 8 is based on the events of the 20th and 21st volume of the comic. You can find the latest episodes on

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The Walking Dead s08e05 – Review [SPOILERS]

The Walking Dead s08e05 "The Big Scary U" - we finally got to know the story of the main villain of the series. What made Negan start ordering world with Lucille? The following text includes the events of the last episode.

the walking dead sezon 8;

We are already after fifth episode of the eighth season of The Walking Dead, the most popular post-apocalyptic tv show. The series is already 7 years old and apart from the regular group of survivors we have been supporting since the first season, there were a lot of side characters, as well as a few main villains, who did not contribute to any improvement in the world of the global destruction.

According to the formula of The Walking Dead, the main villain appears once in one or two seasons. It is no different now - from the first episode of the seventh season, Rick and his friends have on fight with the Saviors and their leader Negan - a charismatic and ruthless holder of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, who wants to order new world according to his own rules.

Recent episode of The Walking Dead - "The Big Scary U" - is unique in the context of this character, because we found out what made Negan his authority, what actually motivates his behavior, and whether the "psychopathic Negan" existed before the zombie apocalypse. We ignore the Negan's comic version - there is no need to remind that the creators of the series have often left the canonical content.

This episode was not advertised either as Negan's "purge" or as a confirmation of his bad nature. Nevertheless, we expected a good back story and wider explanation of this complex character. we all counted on the interesting facts of Negan's old life, which would have raised a discussion between his devoted fans and critics.

We are extremely sorry that the producers have disappointed us in this matter.

the walking dead sezon 8;

The fact is that the last two seasons of the show were falling in popularity because of the poorly-written narration, the lacking engagement of the viewer in newer characters that did not bring too much to the story and quickly died. Negan's character is (or was) one of the few elements that invariably rise emotions in viewers and attract them to next episodes. Negan himself has great potential - an intriguing, well-dressed psychopath, after which you can clearly see some traumatic experiences.

Inept writers have been able to drop this thread as well.

What we know about serial Negan at this moment: he is ruthless, his strong and charismatic personality allows to arouse fear among his "subordinates" with the baseball bat (in the world presented, where - let us recall - access to weapons is not so difficult). His baseball bat carries a feminine name and most probably there is a story behind it. He also has no problem of forcing women into obedience and killing children.

And what do we learn about Negan from before the apocalypse? That he was a PE teacher. That he was cheating of his wife, whom he supposedly loved. At the apogee of the apocalypse, she died of cancer, and Negan, being "weak", was unable to kill her. As a matter of fact, he named after his deceased Lucille his favorite crime tool.

And that's it.

We only know that he was a lousy man in general, but it did not justify, nor condemn him.

It is not something the viewers expected of "the coolest" villain i post-apo world. Especially not after the promotion of Negan during this season as well as the last.

It may be that these four sentences about Negan's previous life, which we received, are just the beginning and a real bomb will yet fall on us. But if that were the case, then the writers shot their feet at this point. Because at that point, Negan had ceased to be a complicated, intriguing evil, but merely an ordinary asshole, who was in his head overturning. And that is not how Negan was created so far. He was not supposed to be "ordinary". "Normal" bad people are not interesting. The more interesting character is Rick, who is constantly struggling between being a good and just leader of the group, and a merciless defender of the same group, ready to kill with cold blood.

the walking dead season 8;

With the present richness of the series offer there is no place for one-dimensional main characters, which are how they are, because ... of reasons. Viewers require their favourites characters to accurately argue their actions. An we were denied this argumentation of Negan's character in last episode.

We hope that the creators will somehow alleviate this disappointment and that the season 8 The Walking Dead has yet to offer us a more in-depth look at Negan's character or an interesting study of other popular characters, like Carol or Jesus.

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