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What will we see in the next season of Arrow?

Arrow (2012)

Arrow is a science-fiction and action series based on DC Comics Green Arrow comic book. It begins with a finding, so far regarded as dead in a sea catastrophe, billionaire Olivier Queen on a desert island in the Pacific. After returning home, the family sees a change in him. Nobody knows that under the cover of night Olivier takes on another identity and as a Green Arrow fights with evil. In the first season, Olivier tries to rebuild his relationship with his loved ones in the daytime and battles the criminals at night, following the list of names he discovered in his father's notebook. He discovers Malcolm Merlyn's plan to destroy the "Poles," the poorer part of the city that has been flooded by crime. Stephen Amell plays the main hero. Arrow is series for people with strong nerves that love comics DC.

Arrow Season 6 online:

Arrow online

"Arrow" returns with the seventh season already in October this year. It is known that the new showrunner will be Beth Schwartz. And what is known about the series itself?


Apparently, the main character in the 7th season is to wear a goatee, which in the comics is a characteristic element of the appearance of Green Arrow.

New techniques

In the 7th season, the narrative will change. This is what Stephen Amell, the main role actor, says about it:

"It will be ... It seems to me that we can not take a bigger swing than it was last season, so we will be more detailed. We will introduce a new narrative technique and I am excited about it."

New characters

The cast will be joined by two actors who will appear in the series regularly. One of them is a young and ambitious policeman from Star City, who will have bad attitude to avengers. The second new hero is a computer genius with a difficult past. It is possible that he will also be Curits' new boyfriend.


How many seasons will be before us and when it will end? Even the creators of the series do not know that. Marc Guggenheim speaks about the ending:

"It seems to me that we have always had in mind how the whole story will end. We always knew how we want to end the series. This approach does not require a specific number of seasons. If we have to, we will go in this direction for the time that will be given to us. We can go this route because we talked about it from the first day of work on the show."

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