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Who’s a Maniac? Everyone.

Worth the wait

For a long time, Netflix didn’t want to tip their hand in case of upcoming hit, but when they did, the hype has been raising with every day and every new trailer.

Since the beginning Maniac looked promising and it delivers. Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are more than convincing in their roles, and for the showtime, they suck the viewer into minds of the duo they portray and as a director Cary Fukunaga makes it look surreal.

Where things get a little complicated

Annie and Owen take part in innovative pharmacological studies, that aim to find a cure able to remove sadness from one’s mind. They both have different reasons for taking part in such a project. Annie is addicted to one of the pills and Owen has a disorder. In the meantime, they start to develop a relationship. Not being able to tell what’s real and what’s fantasy, they try to get a hold on what’s happening in the research facility ran by insecure doctor and an emotional computer suffering from depression.

Emotional roller-coaster

Most action of the show takes place in Annie’s and Owen’s dreams. This is where they get to know each other and develop their relationship. After some time, they discover a connection between them, that always keeps them together in their dreams. The doctor and his assistant try hard to separate them in their dreams for the sake of the data they gather during the process, but it’s impossible – their bond is too strong.

We’re all Maniacs

Everybody is dealing with some sort of issues. No matter what they are or where they come from, everybody is special in their unique way. Drug companies never stop trying to “come up” with new disorders to get new buying force, and people shall not surrender to it. It the end of the day we’re all normal… Maniacs.