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Without a Trace

Without a Trace

Genre: Criminal
Station/channel: CBS

Without a trace - a special force of the FBI deals with finding missing persons. In each episode, the heroes consider a new report on missing.
The New York FBI brigade for missing persons is led by senior agent Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia). The characters deal with the search for people who disappear under unexplained circumstances. They try to delve into the personality of the missing and recreate the last moments before disappearing. For this purpose, they prepare an accurate psychological portrait of the missing persons and try to recreate the last 24 hours of life before the disappearance of the missing person. This allows agents to determine whether these people have been abducted, murdered or committed suicide, or disappeared according to their own wishes. The main purpose of the work of a special FBI force is to help others and bring the matter of missing people to the end. In each episode there is no lack of special effects, danger and tension.

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  • 1990-04-07 S01E00 Pilot
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